At the atelier we have a small selection of adults’ and children’s books, a framing studio which specialises in archival framing and a printing studio where an antique printing press can be seen in action. The framed prints are on sale. The focus is on the frames, the artworks, the books and the activities around them. We also offer a hanging service.

Fiona Pole

Fiona Pole was born in 1974 in Benoni, South Africa. She obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) in 1996 from Rhodes University. In 2002 she graduated from L’Ecole Superieure Estienne, Paris, France with a mention of excellence.

Pole was awarded a scholarship by the City of Paris and worked in the studio of Didier Mutel and then at the historic atelier Georges Leblanc. She specializes in printmaking and has had several exhibitions in South Africa and abroad.

Her work can be found in collections throughout South Africa and internationally.

Having lived in Paris for over ten years, she now lives and works in Johannesburg. She co-owns the atelier and the gallery with her partner Didier.

Didier Presse

Didier Presse was born in France and moved to South Africa in 2012. He previously worked in the world of fashion. Whilst still in France, Didier trained to be a specialist framer with a focus on paper frames. Paper frames are created entirely out of paper and board, which are particularly adapted to framing works on paper and photography.

Didier specialises in conservation framing and has worked in the industry for over a decade.

He co-owns the atelier and the gallery.